Beautiful Isolation

Saturday, November 11, 2017 8:00PM
Promenade Hall

Beautiful Isolation
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A woman sits alone in an evening dress attempting to relive her romantic past.
Couples dance together, oblivious to the plight of their fellow countrymen.
Through both original pieces and masterworks the anguish of the human condition is presented in dance with startling and loving clarity.

Experience the unique vision of iconic American choreographer Anna Sokolow, from the stark simplicity of her “Lyric Suite” to her meditation on alienation in the modern world in “Escape.” Then consider the contemporary world in “This is Not America,” and the uplifting “Partita & Chorales,” by Kanopy Artistic Directors Robert E. Cleary and Lisa Thurrell.

Masterworks: Anna Sokolow’s “Lyric Suite,” and excerpt “Escape” from her iconic “Rooms.”

Guest Artists: Samantha Geracht & Jim May, Artistic Directors of Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble, NYC.

Pre-Show Talk Opening Night: Friday Nov 10, 7PM-7:30PM, Promenade Hall, Overture Center. Show ticket or ticket stub to Beautiful Isolation for admittance. Meet the artists. Discussion of great American Modern Dance master Anna Sokolow, her history and legacy.