Dark Tales

Friday, February 9, 2018 7:30PM
Promenade Hall

Dark Tales
Off Sale

Something is happening to the women.
They are disappearing.
They are suffering.
They must be heard.

Kanopy is pleased to once again collaborate with renowned corporeal mime company Theatre de l’Ange Fou on two tales from the somber end of the spectrum; “Bluebeard Through The Looking-Glass Darkly” and “The Melancholy of Angels.” Explore the legend of Bluebeard, the merciless man who murders his wives and stores them in the cellar of his castle. Then witness a modern response to violence against women in Sandra Kaufmann’s “A People’s Cry.” See Deborah Zall’s “La Bonne Dame: Remembering George Sand.” Finally, consider Lisa Thurrell’s “Lamentation Variation,” inspired by Martha Graham’s masterwork of grief personified in collaboration with the Martha Graham Company.

Guest Artists: Steve Wasson and Corinne Soum, Directors of Theatre de l’Ange Fou; Sandra Kaufmann; former soloist in the Martha Graham Dance Company; and Deborah Zall former soloist in the Martha Graham Dance Company and Artistic Director of Deborah Zall Dance NY.

Pre-Show Talk Opening Night: Friday Feb 9, 7PM-7:30PM, Promenade Hall, Overture Center. Show ticket or ticket stub to Dark Tales for admittance. Meet the artists.